Lawn Fawnatics – Challenge 34

Where I first always forgot to participate with the  Lawn Fawnatics challenges, I now regularly check the site so I know when there’s going to be a new challenge. Which gives me enough time to participate!

Like with the new challenge, where you’re going to show you’re favorite place.

I didn’t want to display my favorite place to ‘real’, but I wanted to make a place which looks fun and cool for me to be. I thought of my water themed stamps… again! But I wanted to do something different to keep challenging myself.

That’s why I came up with… space!
Next to the ocean, I looove the galaxy! It would be awesome to be able to be in space myself one day. So I decided to make a card out of it.

I choose to make a pretty large card, so I made a A5 one. That’s double the size from a regular card. Iwanted much space to work with!
Galaxy backgrounds are so easy to make yourself. You don’t need any special supplies! I used very cheap stamping inkt which I blended into a galaxy background. With some splashes of white paint I finished of the look!
In the future I will put a video online on my YouTube channel to show you how I do this all.

For the ‘planet’ I again used some cheap ink to blend a pink background. I splattered this with purpled pink water color paint. Again I used the very cheap ones.
With a hill die I made the actual planet.

Time to stamp, color, cut, make a composition and glue everything on…

While laying down the composition, I saw that something was missing. So I blended up some inks again, die cut some clouds and made a background out of it.
Because I wanted to create extraterrestrial flora I needed to be creative. I used the coral from ‘Mermaid For You’, the branches from ‘Fairy Friends’ and the mushrooms from ‘Gleeful Gardens’ to start with.

By masking, I made some alien like plants on my own;

– With the base of a flower from ‘Fairy Friends’ and the mushroom top from ‘Gleeful Gardens’.
– With the coral from ‘You’re Sublime’ for the top and the mushroom base from ‘Gleeful Gardens’.

I’m so excited how this turned out and how they combined with the other elements make such a good alien environment!

Some aliens from ‘Beam Me Up’  inhabit the planet, while the astronauts (the left on is my husband Jordy and the one on the right is me!) with their rocket from ‘Out Of This World’ come traveling to the planet to see what they discovered! <3

Wouldn’t you guys love to look around at such an extraordinary planet?

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