Summer bucket list

There are always things I like to do in a season. A few years ago I decided to draw the things I like to do in summer. Yes, that’s right. A few years ago. The drawing itself went fast. But the coloring… It just didn’t want to go as I imagined it to go. And then the summer past and my attention was lost. This went on a few summers. Till a few months ago (so way before it would become summer) I decided to just finish it already. I decided to not do it digitally (because that didn’t work out before) but do it by hand. And that went well, till I had to color the BBQ. It needed a few tries… But. I. Did. It. And it’s still summer! Yay!

What’s missing is making pavlova with strawberries (and eat if, of course) but that drawing didn’t turn out as I wanted it so I skipped that in the drawing, haha.

What do you like to do in summer? Let me know in the comments!

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