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Since The Sims House Party I’m playing the popular franchise. I was obsessed. When The Sims Hot Date was announced, I even made a calendar where I could tick off every day till the release. From classmates I got the question if I could shut up about it. So, yeah, I love the game.

With The Sims 2 it became possible to create generations and with that someone made the Legacy challenge.
There where different Legacy challenges with each their own rules. But for me it was with The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and now with The Sims 4 always like this;

  • No cheats. No money, no fulfilling needs, no skill upgrades, and so on.
  • If it is possible, the whole family stays in the same house with all the generations. But it isn’t a hard rule. Especially when it became possible in The Sims 3 that households you aren’t playing still can age, it’s not that super important anymore.
  • And ofcourse; get many generations!

The highest number of generations I achieved was with The Sims 2 and I got to generation 6. With The Sims 3, I had problems with my save file so I didn’t come that far (and I didn’t feel like starting a new family).

Because of my physical problems with being on a computer I didn’t play The Sims 4 much. But I try when I have a good day and play with yet another Legacy family!

I want to use my blog to record a little what happens with my Legacy family. I will try to support the stories with screenshots, but since I already played quite a bit before writing this blog I couldn’t do that for this blogpost.

This is what happend upon now!

Family Dawkins

Jay Dawkins, the founder of the family, was download from the gallery and I adjusted the clothes to my liking.

My intention was to explore the Jungle from ‘Jungle Adventures’ by sending him as much as possible. But in the end I enjoyed playing with him so much that he became my new Legacy Sim… and because he worked so hard to climb the ladder at his work as Astronaut, I didn’t find the time anymore to send him to the jungle.

His house was situated in Windenburg. A small but cozy home, that through time was rebuild and expanded. When he met his love Marcus and they got married, a shed in the garden followed where Marcus could do his woodwork.

The big garden also was a good place to build a rocket, so next to his work as an Astronaut, Jay worked on that in his spare time. He managed to finish and upgrade the rocket to the max and travel to Sixam with it.
Next to working on his rocket and gardening, Jay also wrote some books.

The two lovers wanted a child (otherwise the Legacy would be over way to soon) and adopted a son, Simon. The house was upgraded with another level so there would be a bedroom for Simon, but also a room to workout for Marcus.
Simon had ups and downs in his youth, but he was a well-behaved child in general and worked hard at school.
When he became a young adult, he choose to pursue a career as a scientist.

In the meantime, Jay and Marcus became both elders and Jay worked quite a bit before he finally retired. Marcus still worked in the sport career.
It became time to move to a bigger house, since the old house wasn’t sufficient anymore.

The old home from the Dawkins family. This is the ground floor, there where 2 more floors.

They moved to Brindleton Bay where they bought an empty lot and where I build a new home from scratch.
It isn’t my best build, but I wanted enough rooms, a good floorplan and enough space in the garden to build a greenhouse and place the rocket from Jay somewhere.
At the attic there is space for storage and there is a science lab for Simon. Everybody has his own bedroom, there is a study room, fitness room and there is an empty room on the groundfloor to fill in later.

Jay enjoyed the home and went on a camping trip with the family before he passed away of old age.
Marcus and Simon are mourning him, but with the thought that Jay had a good life they moved on with their life.
Simon reached the highest branch of the science career (and was abducted by aliens countless times, but till today he didn’t become pregnant). He decided to celebrate his promotion with… cloning himself?!

So, there was his ‘brother’; Maarten.
Maarten seemed all fun and games (because, well, he is a clone from Simon) but he has put his mind to a criminal career, is the founder of a club called ‘The thugs” (you figure out for yourself what the club activities would be…) and made several enemies (which one of them is Bella Goth as an arch enemy, while his ‘brother’ has put his mind to steal her away from Mortimer…). So he basicly became his ‘evil twin’…

Now you’re all caught up. In the next update there will hopefully be more screenshots, so you will get a better image with the story. 🙂

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