Lawn Fawnatics – Challenge 36

Due to lack of time with the previous challenge, I needed to skip that one. It just didn’t happen to make a card for it. To bad… but with the new challenge I’m back at it again!
Based on a mood board they posted, you had to make a card. This is the mood board;

Source: Lawn Fawnatics

I didn’t thought to much about this card. I just picked out some colors of paper and started crafting. I’m 100% happy with how the card turned out! Here it is!

I’m so happy the trees perfectly match with how autumn colors are in my head (and how they where on the mood board!) and the rest of the colors make me think of a wonderful autumn day!

Extra thanks to my good friend Rosana who gifted me ‘Happy Trails’ recently. <3
She also participates in the challenges so be sure to check our her blog!

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