Lawn Fawnatics – Challenge 37 – Something old, something new

Lawn Fawn exists since 2010 and a lot of sets came out since then! The style of it slowly evolved. Here are 3 sets, old, less old and new;

Source: Lawn Fawn
Source: Lawn Fawn
Source: Lawn Fawn

You can see the style has changed, but things can work out together just fine. And that’s exactly what the new challenge is all about; combine a old set with a new set!

I’ve combined ‘Gnome Sweet Gnome’ together with ‘Jump for Joy’. And it works out perfectly for me! <3

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  1. When I first saw your post, I was confused because I didn’t remember you having the Critters in the Burbs set (got me all excited too lol). I love the card! It’s really clean and it has a great autumn feel to it. ♥

  2. What a wonderful card. I love that window you added, so there is a little surprise on the inside of the card. Well done!!! Thanks for sharing it with us at Lawn Fawnatics!!!

    1. Thanks! I thought of the window idea first, before I made up the rest of the card. So it’s fun to see that’s your favorite thing about it. <3

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