Lawn Fawnatics – Challenge 38

And it’s time for another Lawn Fawnatics challenge! I keep enjoying them so much, because they always push you in a direction with the theme while you still can be as creative as you want to be.

I seem to have hit a crafting wall, but the challenge keep on going well. I’m sure I’ll come back in my craft flow though!

The challenge this time is ‘Awesome autumn’, so cards with the theme autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving. And that’s exactly the vibe I’m currently in.

I’ve recently bought the ‘So Owlsome’ set, together with the owl from ‘Jump for Joy’ that I own already for a while now, it seemed perfect for an autumn card.

Source: Lawn Fawn

Also, apples are an autumn thing and since there is one in the Owlsome set, I wanted to attempt something with that… With some creative masking with the planter from ‘Some Bunny’ I’ve made this sweet card;

As you can see with a matching envelope! I always try to make a matching one with my cards, because I love how fun it is to match them. Also, when you would be the receiver of the card… how fun would it be just seeing the envelope?!

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