Hello everyone! I wanted to create a pretty simple card, but still having enough to it to be a fun card.

I did this by using different textures, colors, glitter, gloss and depth.
By using an off-white, textured paper for the top layer of the cloudy frame, it’s very different to the white plain cardstock that I used for the clouds.

By using a background paper that has some gloss and glitter and also adding some gloss on the unicorn horn, cake candles and decoration those are tied together.

The frame is a little thicker which already adds some depth, but also adding the balloons to that frame will add even more depth.

Everything together, makes a fun but simple card!

I didn’t color on screen this time, but here is a list of Copic colors I used:




Below is an overview of the other supplies I used. I’m not showing the obvious ones like scissors and such since I think that speaks for itself, but of course if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Video – Balloon birthday

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