Cape Cod Resilience Fund

Hi everybody! Recently I designed some cards with the exclusive Cape Cod stamp set that Jenn Shurkus sells. She lives on Cape Cod and is raising money for the Cape Cod Resilience Fund.

This fund will help small businesses on Cape Cod who are experiencing financial difficulties due to Covid-19. This fund will be around for the long run and continue to help small businesses out in the future.

Cape Cod Exclusive Stamp set
Photo: Jenn Shurkus

She sells the exclusive stamp set on her site and from June 15th – July 1st, she will donate $10 to the CCRF for every set she sells.

Me and a lot of other amazing people helped her by designing some cards to show other people what a great stamp set it is!

You can find more information on Jenn’s site.

Here are the four different cards I designed. Which one is your favorite?

Slimline die comparison – Updated!

Yesterday Lawn Fawn introduced us to their May mini release. They revealed some slimeline dies! That’s great news! But that also raised the question with (European) people; how do they compare to other brands?

We in Europe don’t easily have access to all the brands unfortunately. But, Lawn Fawn and Mama Elephant are not that difficult to get. At least, if I speak for the Dutch webshops I normally shop.

Since it’s a Dutch brand, I also took Carlijn Design in the comparison. They have the perfect European sized dies. At the moment, the slimline isn’t out yet but they teased that it will be announced very soon and gave us an image with the dies in the set and the sizes:

As you can see, it’s a very large set packed full of dies! It will be around 30 euros, so that’s great!

Don’t forget that all the sets have extra dies included! Check out what every set has and what you could do with it.

Also, it seems that the Lawn Fawn slimline stitched hillside borders will fit on every slimline die!

I few notes to keep in mind when you check the comparison below;

  • It’s not an very exact comparison, since brands always give an approximate and I converted the sizes from inch to centimeters.
  • Some shapes aren’t rectangles like they appear in the picture. It’s stated what they are.
  • Also, the dashed lines of the designs are impossible to compare this way. Keep that in mind.
  • The DL envelop are the European sized ‘business’ envelopes.

Lawn Fawnatics – Challenge 33

The new challenge from  Lawn Fawnatics is all about creative folds in a card. This could be everything; a box, pop-up, a different kind of shape and so on.

Directly after reading the new challenge the idea of a fold up card came into my head. When you unfold it, a gigantic scene was shown. And again with my favorite stamp sets; the water themed ones. Let’s get started!

At first, I had to figure out how to make a foldable card. This is what I did;

  • Cut out a rectangle that is 13.5 cm x 27 cm.
    • Use a bone folder to fold it in the center.
  • Cut out a rectangle that is 13.5 cm x 28 cm.
    • Use a bone folder to fold it at 13.5 cm and at 27 cm.
  • Glue the 1 cm x 13.5 cm flap with a strong adhesive to the other paper.

Be aware of the fact that the thickness of your paper plays a role in how it all aligns in the end. I needed to adjust the flap you glue to the other card by fold it a little bit smaller.

I glued ocean like panels to the card. It’s a watercolor paper from ‘Action’. For the sand I blended (cheap) ink and flicked some watercolor paint on it and then cut everything out with hill die cuts.
I made sure every sand hill aligned to the next one. Be thoughtful with glueing on the sand pieces, because the card still needs to be foldable. Sometimes I cut of a sliver of paper to make sure it wasn’t on the fold.

I figured out a color scheme and stamped all my images, colored them in and cut them out using mySilhouette Curio. Because I wasn’t sure what I needed and I wanted to have a lot of choice while making the card, I had four sheets of stamped images… haha!

After several evenings of stamping, coloring and cutting it was time to make the scene and glue it on. I’m so happy how it turned out!

It really is one of my favorite cards I ever made! What do you think of it? What is your favorite part?

Lawn Fawnatics – Challenge 32

I really wanted to participate in the Lawn Fawnatics challenges in the past. But I was to late every time to make anything for it. Mostly because other cards where needed first (for someones birthday for example). I participated in challenge 31 just a few hours before it closed and after that I got the taste of it… So I was eager to join the new challenge when it came online!

This time the challenge was something I did for myself in the previous challenge; make something based on a color scheme.There where six colors in the challenge, but Coolors only let you use five colors in a scheme and that are mostly the colors used. The sixth color was a turquoise color.

Color scheme

I decided to browse through my many paper pads first. Maybe there was something there for a good start of my card. And there was! One of the paper pads had exactly the colors that are in the scheme. Isn’t that a coincidence?

After I choose two papers, with one of them having ocean waves, my decision was easily made; I’ve got a lot of nautical themed Lawn Fawn stamps and those are my favorite! I saw the star shaped die and the star fish stamp…

What do you think? I’m very happy with the result. At first I felt sad I didn’t have the orange color in my Copic collection. But I happen to have the color in my basic paper stash. So I’m happy with the result after all!


Lawn Fawn Random Sets Challenge!

As I mentioned earlier in my bucket list post, my interest in Lawn Fawn has grown a lot last year and with that my collection grew too.
When we where on honeymoon to New York we made a trip to Boston. On the way back to New York we stopped over at Papercraft Clubhouse to buy a lot of Lawn Fawn! Since sets are cheaper for meto buy in dollar then in euro, it saved me so much money.

Because my collection grew rapidly by buying so much new sets, the idea came to me to let Jordy choose 2 or 3 sets at random with which I had to make a card. You’ll get so much more creative with this. When we where home again, I thought of this challenge!

Lawn Fawn Random Sets Challenge!

  • Let somebody else choose 2-3 sets that not directly correspond together (like ‘Mermaid For You’  and ‘Fintastic Friends’ do.)
    Note: 2 sets works best, with possible the third giving you some supporting things (like a little critter) or when you’re up for an extra challenge.
  • You’re gonna craft a card with the sets. What kind you choose is up to you!
  • You have to use at least one ‘big’ stamp per set. With that, I mean that you can’t just use an exclamation point from a sentiment or so).
  • You can use other sets, but only if it is for small things! Think of wanting a cake in your cardif you’re making a birthday card, but the cake isn’t in your sets. Also, you may use background themed sets like ‘Let’s Bokeh’.
  • Optional: post your card on Instagram with the hashtag #lawnfawnrandomsetschallenge so other people and me can see the result of the challenge!

Here you can see how my first challenge attempt turned out.
This are the sets I used. The right sets are the sets Jordy choose for me; ‘Village Shops’, ‘Costume Party’ and ‘Easter Party’ and on the left you can see the set (‘Party Animal’) which I needed for a small item.

On the right the sets that Jordy picked, on the left the set that I used for a small item

The two ‘Costume’ sets are obviously matching with each other, but that’s the reason Jordy gave me 3 instead of 2. But you can’t really link them to the shops, except for ‘they have bought the clothes there’ kind of way.

My eye fell on the unicorn, the dragon/dinosaur and the bunny. I wanted to do something with that trio. But what was the story behind the card? Then, my eye fell on the ice cream truck. And then I decided I had to use ‘Party Animal’ as well.

Are you ready for the final result? Here it comes;

Jordy suggested he would be the bunny, because he would go for two horns of ice cream…

Isn’t it super cute?
Maybe the end result seem logical now you see the card, but I think I wouldn’t have come up with this combination on my own! So, the challenge did his thing! 🙂

By the way, Jordy already choose new sets for me to do the challenge again. This time, he choose some harder to combine sets for me… When it’s done, I’ll share the result!

Don’t forget that when you go crafting with the challenge yourself to share the end result in the comments or to post them on Instagram with the hashtag #lawnfawnrandomsetschallenge. You could also tag me in the post! (My username is @PetersTreasury)

Have fun with the challenge!