Bucket list 2018

Today, on the first day of the new year, it is time to make my bucketlist for 2018.
Well, can I call it a bucket list? It aren’t necessarily things for on a common bucket list like bungee jumping. But it’s more of a list of things I did too little in 2017. But fine, let’s call it a bucket list. Here it is, in a random order:


  • Read 12 or more books
    I like to read, but I don’t always find the time to do so. Last year was a ‘bad’ year reading wise, hopefully it wil get better this year! (check my Goodreads profile to see how far I am!)
  • Making illustrated bucket lists per season
    For years I have the drawing of my summer bucket list ready to go, but it still needs coloring. Go big or go home; let’s do all the seasons this year!
  • Play more The Sims
    I love playing The Sims, but I don’t play it often. Not always my own fault. Because of the muscle and joint problems I just can’t always play. But I want to put it on my list anyway.
  • Exercise, eating balanced and feel more comfortable in my own skin
    A few years back I started with this. With our wedding in November last year I put in some extra effort. With result, because I felt good at my wedding! But 2018 will be the year I will feel more and more comfortable in my own skin.
  • More miniature furniture making
    Last year I started making miniature furniture (1:12, for the people who care) but because of the wedding prep I didn’t have much time for it.
  • Crafting more cards
    It’s so relaxing to make cards! I’m sure things will show up on the blog about making cards. I used to make cards before, but because of Rosana I discovered Lawn Fawn in 2017 (she owned stamp sets before, but I didn’t figure out yet you can make cards with it) and the quality of my cards got better with 300%.
  • Peter’s Treasury
    Also important; spending some more time with my blog and YouTube channel. Of course within the boundaries of my muscles and joints.

Of course there are more things I want to do more or maybe even less. But these things I wanted to write down as a short list. I can look it up through the year and see what I found was important at the begin of the year!

The Treasury is open!



noun, plural treasuries.

  • a building, room, chest, or other place for the preservation of treasure or valuable objects.
  • a collection or supply of excellent or highly prized writings, works of art, etc.: a treasury of American poetry.

Bron: Dictionary.com

Daily I’m creating things. In various ways. Being creative with different materials and techniques, preparing a dish, baking cakes and bread, graphic design or being in a world of fiction by playing a game or reading a book.

Everything I do and create is part of my Treasury. For a while I was looking for a way to share my ‘treasures’ with others. To share experiences. To receive feedback.

My intention is that I regularly update my blog with new content. Unfortunately I got physical problems with my muscles / joints which prevent me of creating things or typing a blogpost. (This blog post has already been in concept since 2015…) But I will do my best and I hope you find it interesting enough to check my blog time to time to check if there is something new.

I declare my Treasury opened!