The Treasury is open!



noun, plural treasuries.

  • a building, room, chest, or other place for the preservation of treasure or valuable objects.
  • a collection or supply of excellent or highly prized writings, works of art, etc.: a treasury of American poetry.


Daily I’m creating things. In various ways. Being creative with different materials and techniques, preparing a dish, baking cakes and bread, graphic design or being in a world of fiction by playing a game or reading a book.

Everything I do and create is part of my Treasury. For a while I was looking for a way to share my ‘treasures’ with others. To share experiences. To receive feedback.

My intention is that I regularly update my blog with new content. Unfortunately I got physical problems with my muscles / joints which prevent me of creating things or typing a blogpost. (This blog post has already been in concept since 2015…) But I will do my best and I hope you find it interesting enough to check my blog time to time to check if there is something new.

I declare my Treasury opened!

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