Slimline die comparison – Updated!

Yesterday Lawn Fawn introduced us to their May mini release. They revealed some slimeline dies! That’s great news! But that also raised the question with (European) people; how do they compare to other brands?

We in Europe don’t easily have access to all the brands unfortunately. But, Lawn Fawn and Mama Elephant are not that difficult to get. At least, if I speak for the Dutch webshops I normally shop.

Since it’s a Dutch brand, I also took Carlijn Design in the comparison. They have the perfect European sized dies. At the moment, the slimline isn’t out yet but they teased that it will be announced very soon and gave us an image with the dies in the set and the sizes:

As you can see, it’s a very large set packed full of dies! It will be around 30 euros, so that’s great!

Don’t forget that all the sets have extra dies included! Check out what every set has and what you could do with it.

Also, it seems that the Lawn Fawn slimline stitched hillside borders will fit on every slimline die!

I few notes to keep in mind when you check the comparison below;

  • It’s not an very exact comparison, since brands always give an approximate and I converted the sizes from inch to centimeters.
  • Some shapes aren’t rectangles like they appear in the picture. It’s stated what they are.
  • Also, the dashed lines of the designs are impossible to compare this way. Keep that in mind.
  • The DL envelop are the European sized ‘business’ envelopes.

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