Video – Halloween week #3 – Magical Halloween

Hello everybody! I’m excited to share the third video (of the fourth card) of my Halloween week!

It’s another card using the ‘Booyah’ set from Lawn Fawn. I really is such a fun and versatile set. This time I made slimline out of it, since my card idea was; a spooky castle on top of a mountain / high hill. And a slimline is perfect for that!

I sketched the whole card before I start making it, but I didn’t think of any colors I wanted to use till I started. Choosing blues for the trees and hills seemed odd at first, but I went for it and I’m happy I did! It became my favorite part of the card.

This taught me to try something different once in a while and push through even though if I’m doubting it. As it turns out with this card, it’s something I really like!

Visit my Instagram tomorrow to see the fifth card of this week! There will be another blogpost & video the day after that.

Below is an overview of the other supplies I used. I’m not showing the obvious ones like scissors and such since I think that speaks for itself, but of course if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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