Video – Snowy town

Hi everyone! I’m back with another video, where I make this card featuring a snowy town. By keeping the color scheme of the card calm, you get this peaceful scene.

With the use of Distress Oxide and metallic watercolor, I create the beautiful sky and mountains.
I always use watercolor paper when I’m working with Distress Oxide, but now I also used watercolor paper for the snow tops on the mountain and the snowy hill. The paper has a little texture and although it isn’t off-white, it isn’t bright white. Perfect for some nice, soft looking snow!

Not only did I keep a limited color scheme, but I also colored every building of the town in the same way. By doing so, it becomes so serene. I would love to stay over in the town during the holidays!

Below is an overview of the other supplies I used. I’m not showing the obvious ones like scissors and such since I think that speaks for itself, but of course if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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