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Summer bucket list

There are always things I like to do in a season. A few years ago I decided to draw the things I like to do in summer. Yes, that’s right. A few years ago. The drawing itself went fast. But the coloring… It just didn’t want to go as I imagined it to go. And…

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Bucket list 2018

Today, on the first day of the new year, it is time to make my bucketlist for 2018.Well, can I call it a bucket list? It aren’t necessarily things for on a common bucket list like bungee jumping. But it’s more of a list of things I did too little in 2017. But fine, let’s…

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The Treasury is open!

treasury [trezh–uh-ree] noun, plural treasuries. a building, room, chest, or other place for the preservation of treasure or valuable objects. a collection or supply of excellent or highly prized writings, works of art, etc.: a treasury of American poetry. Bron: Daily I’m creating things. In various ways. Being creative with different materials and techniques, preparing…

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